The lexeme method generates more complete,

grammatical and organized notes faster than

traditional methods. The notes are completely

computerized at inception, and they incorporate

prompts for clinicians to address otherwise

overlooked items.

Lexeme Technologies - LLC

The quality and utility of LexeNotes is established by empiric data, gathered in clinical trials.

We completed our first clinical trial Pilot study of Lexeme-based note creation.

The trial was conducted within the University of Iowa Hemophilia Treatment Center, and was supported by funding from the pharmaceutical company Shire, (now Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.)

Phase One of the trial consisted of de-identifying and examining prior records of patients with hemophilia, and adding lexemes to the lexicon so that this old note could be recreated using LexeNotes. When a patient was seen in the clinic, and consented to be in the trial, the treating clinician used LexeNotes to create a new clinic note. This process was observed, and more lexemes were created as necessary to arrive at an acceptable note. We recruited about 70 patients in this Phase.

In Phase Two, we recruited 20 patients, and constructed a clinic note using LexeNotes This note was compared with the hemophilia treaters note to compare them for completeness, errors, grammar, and readability.